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We would like to invite you to celebrate the majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ with us.  The Bethlehem Baptist Church provides a warm loving atmosphere where everyone is made to feel welcome.  Our fellowship offers Bible study opportunities for all age groups. One cannot grow spiritually apart from the study of the Word of God.  Again, you and your family are welcome.


Yours in Christ,
Rev. R. E. Rollerson, Jr., MDIV
Pastor / Teacher


Is the Lord leading you to become a member?  Let us know by accessing our New Member Information page.

Bethlehem BC | 147th Year Celebration


On Sunday, July 21st the Bethlehem Baptist Church will celebrate 147 years of existence.  As we do each year, we are asking each member for a love gift of $25 to commemorate the anniversary celebration.  Our Lord has been good and gracious to the Bethlehem Family for 147 years Our love gift is just a demonstration of our thanks to our Lord for His goodness throughout the years.  Sunday, July 16th has not arrived yet.  However, let us begin even now thanking the Lord Jesus Christ for 147 years of service to HIM, on plant earth. 

Living for Jesus never gets old!

My 147th Anniversary Gift

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