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​Tithe (The "Tithe" is a tenth or 10%.  We believe it to be the Biblical paradigm for giving and what the Lord has put in place for the support of His Church [Gen. 14:20; Lev. 27:30; Mal. 3:10; Heb. 7:5].  We follow this pattern and set aside a tithe or 10% of income per pay period in faithful accordance.  These proceeds are used to manage the general operations of our fellowship.


Bldg. Maintenance (funds used for facility maintenance)

Campaign Phase 2 (funds used for Phase 2 expansion) (Regulation Size Gym/Activity Building / Parking Upgrade)

Education (funds used for educational resources)

Trinity (funds used for benevolence and outreach)

Other (funds that are marked for a specific desire per givers choice; please indication your choice in reserved "additional comment" space on final page of your online transaction)

Yearly Special Offerings:

  • Church Anniversary (July)

  • My Thanksgiving Offering ($10) (November)

  • My Christmas Offering ($10) (December)

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