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Service Times and  Schedule


             9:00a / New Member Orientation

             9:00a / Sunday School

             10:00a / Worship


6:00p - 7:00p | Youth Event Workers Mtg.


6:30p - 7:15p | Sisters Connect (A Virtual Bible Study for Women)

7:00p - 8:00p | Brothers Connect (Virtual Bible Study for Men)


* Prayer Meeting @ 12 noon (Virtual Mtg.)

* Bible Study "On-Campus" and other Wed. Activities (Begins: 9/6/23)
    7:00p-8:00p / Youth Bible Study (Pre-K to HS Seniors)

    7:00p-8:00p/ Adult Bible Study (Instructor - Pastor) ___________________________________

   7:00p-8:00p / Youth Activity Time / (Wed. before last Wed. in each month)

            7:00p-8:00p / Worshiping H.I.M / (Last Wed. in each month)

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