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COMMUNION "THIS" SUNDAY - January 3, 2021

   ​Communion was instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ.  When we participate, we are acknowledging the fact that Jesus died for "all" of our sins and that He rose and is coming to earth again.  (1 Corinthians 11:24-26).

For those live-streaming with us that may be without the normal Communion Juice & Wafer Cup, please know that you can still participate this Sunday.  Simply purchase Crackers and Grape Juice from the local grocery.  Remember the act of communion is symbolic of actual death, burial and resurrection of Jesus that took place over 2000 years ago.  Jesus lives!  The Lord's focus is not on the external. The Lord looks at the heart.  Looking forward to you sharing with us. - Pastor Rollerson


All the Lord's Best to Your Family in the coming New Year

Have a Blessed New Year

Kaufman County - Covid-19 Vaccine Information_

Vaccine Registration & Hub Place

Vaccine Registration Form Link

 Instructions for installing the Givelify App and Creating a Personal Giving Account

  • Go to App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)

  • Find and install the Givelify App

  • Find/Search for the Bethlehem Baptist Church / Terrell, TX


  • Next tap the green Give button. Then follow these steps:


* Select the amount you would like to donate or tap Other to enter a different amount.

* Select a donation envelope (Tithe, Bldg. Maintenance Fund, etc.) and tap Give Now.

* Since this your first time giving/donating you will be greeted with a popup screen reading:



Create Your Giving Account and Making Your First Donation

As mentioned since this is your first time giving/donating, you will need to create an account.  In order to do so please follow these steps:


  • On the popup screen tap Join or Sign-in.  Choose Sign-in with Facebook OR by E-Mail.

  • If you have a Facebook you click on

  • We recommend that you choose to Continue with E-Mail:

  • The next you will be greeted by the Sign-In screen/page.  Since you do not have an account move to the bottom of the page and click on Join Givelify that is written in blue.

  • Enter your Full Name, E-Mail address, and Password into the spaces provided and tap the Submit button. (An e-mail will be sent to the address you provided with an activation link. To activate your account, click the link in the e-mail.)

  • Next you will be greeted with the option to "Personalize Your Account" with a picture.  You can skip the option if you wish or include your photo.

  • Next in the Gift Summary page click on the Give Now button

  • Next in the Add New Card screen securely enter your Full Name, Debit Card** or Credit Card  information and Address to register your Card**.  (Your Card into will be securely stored)

  • Next Click on the Give Now button. That is it!  This will complete your donation.  Congratulations!


  1. Now that you have completed your first church or nonprofit donation using Givelify, future giving will be a breeze.  You will not to repeat the above steps.  You will be able to give in just three taps minimum  with no prompts to create an account or enter card payment information.

  2. To make the process even more simple, save the organizations you give to the most as Favorites or your Home Church using the star and heart icons on their profile.

  3. **We do recommend using a Debit Card over a revolving Credit Card. There is no interest charged for Debit Card usage and no debt accrued.  


BBC_Logo_61c_Image and Logo for Givilfy_

You need an account to preform this action.  Don't worry, signing up is EASY and your account is FREE.


Join or sign-in 

Continue as a guest


27th PW Ann_Image.PNG

This Sunday, May 2, 2021 we celebrate the 27th year of our Pastor's service to our fellowship.  Thanking God for:

Rev. & Mrs. R.E. Rollerson, Jr.

and family

Reminder: No Classes or Meetings this week | Thanksgiving Break

All the Lord's Best to Your Family in the coming New Year

Have a Blessed New Year